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Are you ready for the (National Broadband Network)?

The NBN is a government project to upgrade Australia`s telco network providing more reliable phone and internet services.  Your monitored existing alarm system will be switched of shortly and unable to work. That means no security alarm system connection to your mobile phone or back to base 24hr control room.

NBN will contact you by post when the service is available in your area including the date you need to switch your service over by. If you do not make the switch by this time, your existing network will be disconnected and you will lose your existing services still in use including alarm systems, medical alarms, phones, internet, fax machines, EFTPOS machines, PABX, and any other fixed line services. The only way you can keep your existing phone number is  with the NBN through one of there service providers. Click this link below

YES we can still connect your monitored existing alarm system if you do or don`t convert over to the new network.

Alarm system manufacturers now support 3G-4G GSM units that permit most existing alarm systems to work without the NBN as the copper network is shut down.

Please ring to arrange a technician to have your alarm system phone monitoring connected as it once used to be.  

Phone 1300 137 120   Mob: 0408 359 072

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